Meet Ledgable:Indigo

Introducing open-source DLT services

Ledgable, a Dutch based DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) provider recently announced its intention to open-source it`s data-node software; And its out!

Developed in Python 3.6, Ledgable INDIGO is the first iteration of its public data infrastructure allowing enterprise level access and deployment with little to no coding experience

Unlike current offerings, Ledgable`s data-node is capable of running multiple chains in either read or read-write capacity simultaneously without additional capex

All transactions are asynchronous and multi-threaded, featuring impressive performance characteristics

Legable`s C&C (Command and Control) infrastructure assists in configuring chain structure, replication partners and deployment strategies across geo-diverse points of presence within seconds

Simply create an account, download the software and register the data-node to participate in an existing replication topology or simply start a new one - Your data is held securely upon your systems and you decide who you exchange and replicate data too


Presentations and information re the Platform

  • About Ledgable Presentation regarding Indigo and the benefits of the platform Download

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Ledgable use cases

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    At a glace

    What makes Indigo so unique?

    • Speed

      Ledgable's Core architecture enables businesses to realize upto 3 million transactions per second per datanode under realworld conditions (AWS Configured Systems)

    • Certificate Authority

      Ledgable is the first and only DLT provider to offer certificate services (FOR FREE) to secure inter-node communications

      Using industry standard forward-secrecy and TLS1.2 (Soon TLS1.3), all socket communications are secured against man-in-the-middle attacks, thus making sure that your data transport across open networks remains private

      It`s easy to invalidate the certificates and issue new ones without requiring all datanodes to be individually reconfigured or updated using our online synchronization

      We additionally compress all data-streams (ZLIB) to keep traffic to a minimum

    • Connectors

      Using industry standard web-sockets, pull data on demand into your applications or build connector using one of the sample projects to retreive or inject data

    • Master - Master Replication

      Ledgable enables multi-master replication to occur using sophisticated semaphore and mutex mechanisms

      Many database technologies require extensive configuration and updates to enable such functionality - With Ledgable its just a click away

      There are no limits to the number of masters within a fabric!

    • Low Cost

      Ledgable charges a modest yearly subscription fee to its C&C infrastructure of 120 euros per datanode for upto 10 replication partners or chains. For more replication partners or chains, please contact our enterprise sales team

      Once a data-node is active, it can be immediately configured as a replication partner and begin servicing requests as required

      Additionally there are no licensing costs - One fee and away you go!

      By default all new data-nodes have a 50 day grace period to test the service

    • Custom Web-Platform

      Our experience in high-transaction activity meant that we built our own webserver on which you can build applications

      Using inline REG-EX recognition for path / code execution, our webserver enables businesses to build high-speed connectors to existing application services without extensive knowhow

      Using such a platform allows for 1000th of a second response time in performing common tasks associated to the service, whilst running in an asyncronous, multi-threaded environment

    • Extendable

      The platform is extendable to meet the growing needs of your organisation

      Extend using the ip-socket platform or build API access applications upon the powerful HTTP/HTTPS platform provided for free

    • Secure

      Ledgable conforms to OWASP`s TOP 10 (available here) best security practices for 2017

      Your data remains inside your fabric. Ledgable does not see or manage the data replication from one node to another. Additionally only write masters may push updates to nodes

      Featuring end-to-end encryption using our inbuilt certificate authority

    • OpenSource

      The data-nodes, written in Python 3.6, are fully OpenSource and all code is visible to ensure that things operate the way they should with complete transparency

      The indexing infrastructure remains private & proprietary to ensure compliance to data security standards (such as GDPR) and to ensure availability at all times

    • Continuous Improvement

      We strive to make the service easy to setup, use and maintain. Being that we are always looking to improve the platform and add new features that make life easier

      All software is developed in-house and not via some 3rd party in another country - As a result, fixes, updates and improvements are delivered for free when we detect an issue


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